Editing photos to make them awesome Part 2


I had talked about three editing tips for photos. This post I will continue with it and add some more simple but effective tips to make photos awesome.

Utilizing HSL option

Utilizing HSL option in Adobe Photoshop – The sky is one feature in a photo that can make it really shine. A contrast between cloudy sky and clear sky can be achieved easily using the HSL option in Adobe Photoshop. Just select Luminance and drag the Blue slider to left side. The sky is automatically darkened. Easy isn’t it!

Adding style

Adding style – You can easily make your photo stylish by using very common features in Photoshop. Keep brightness to +25 and contrast to +35 and saturation to -25 to get the best of colors. Then adjust the curves by choosing Red first and drag to the center. Move blue and green bar a little upward, always watching its effect. Last step is to select the soft light blending mode.

Adding some special effects

Adding some special effects – If you want to add alien ships to a jungle scene or wings to your sisters’ back this is possible with Photoshop. Just find the right picture and blend to get the special effect. This feature can also be used to do realistic tattoos on you which are actually not there. Cool right!


Editing Photos to make them Awesome Part 1

Taking great photos is an art, but in the modern era knowing how to edit to make them better is an essential skill. For a beginner and a person who does not like computer it is a big challenge. It was indeed a challenge for me. However slowly I learned some techniques which were different and it made my photos look better. Here are some tips you can use too in Photoshop to make the images great.

RAW vs JPEG image quality

Shoot and open in RAW format – As I mentioned in earlier posts shooting in RAW format gives you the great advantage of more editing options. It will let you fine tune the photo. Even if you have not shot in RAW you can still open in RAW format in Photoshop to edit. Set the highlight between -40 to -70 to start with. Photoshop gives the right tone automatically when you do this.

Healing Brush effects

Using the Healing Brush in PhotoshopHealing brush is a great way to remove inconsistency in the photos. You can remove blemishes and acne from skin and make the photo look beautiful. It also can be used to remove background noise in photos.

Normal Vs Sharpened Image

Sharpening the image – Photoshop has another great feature sharpening the image which helps to recover photos you thought were to be deleted and reshot. Such is the power of Photoshop. You can clearly see what difference sharpening makes in the above image. Just use the feature and enjoy the difference it makes.