Editing photos to make them awesome Part 2


I had talked about three editing tips for photos. This post I will continue with it and add some more simple but effective tips to make photos awesome.

Utilizing HSL option

Utilizing HSL option in Adobe Photoshop – The sky is one feature in a photo that can make it really shine. A contrast between cloudy sky and clear sky can be achieved easily using the HSL option in Adobe Photoshop. Just select Luminance and drag the Blue slider to left side. The sky is automatically darkened. Easy isn’t it!

Adding style

Adding style – You can easily make your photo stylish by using very common features in Photoshop. Keep brightness to +25 and contrast to +35 and saturation to -25 to get the best of colors. Then adjust the curves by choosing Red first and drag to the center. Move blue and green bar a little upward, always watching its effect. Last step is to select the soft light blending mode.

Adding some special effects

Adding some special effects – If you want to add alien ships to a jungle scene or wings to your sisters’ back this is possible with Photoshop. Just find the right picture and blend to get the special effect. This feature can also be used to do realistic tattoos on you which are actually not there. Cool right!


Editing Photos to make them Awesome Part 1

Taking great photos is an art, but in the modern era knowing how to edit to make them better is an essential skill. For a beginner and a person who does not like computer it is a big challenge. It was indeed a challenge for me. However slowly I learned some techniques which were different and it made my photos look better. Here are some tips you can use too in Photoshop to make the images great.

RAW vs JPEG image quality

Shoot and open in RAW format – As I mentioned in earlier posts shooting in RAW format gives you the great advantage of more editing options. It will let you fine tune the photo. Even if you have not shot in RAW you can still open in RAW format in Photoshop to edit. Set the highlight between -40 to -70 to start with. Photoshop gives the right tone automatically when you do this.

Healing Brush effects

Using the Healing Brush in PhotoshopHealing brush is a great way to remove inconsistency in the photos. You can remove blemishes and acne from skin and make the photo look beautiful. It also can be used to remove background noise in photos.

Normal Vs Sharpened Image

Sharpening the image – Photoshop has another great feature sharpening the image which helps to recover photos you thought were to be deleted and reshot. Such is the power of Photoshop. You can clearly see what difference sharpening makes in the above image. Just use the feature and enjoy the difference it makes.


Tips for Black & White Photography

Black and White photograph

Photography in Black and White tone gives the classic look. The vintage look does the trick. The best part is facial blemishes disappear. In the world of digital photography taking a black and white photo has become a lost art. However it is coming back to fashion with its inclusion in fashion photography. A colour photograph is defining but a black and white is striking. Here are a few tips for beginners:

  • Shoot in color and Photoshop – This is the easiest way to turn your ordinary photo into a classic. Most digital cameras give the option of black and white, but if your camera doesn’t shoot color and convert on Photoshop. Ferratum UK has some awesome black and whiter photos on its website.
  • Shoot in cloudy weather – When it is not the right time for color photography, it is the best for black and white photography. The best hues of Black and white come in dark cloudy weather.
  • Use shapes and tones – Since there is no color to work with use shapes and tones to give a much-needed lift to the photo. You will learn more about shadow and highlight this way.
  • Use RAW feature in your digital camera – The most unused feature of your camera comes handy in shooting the Black and WHite photo. Just switch to RAW and click, that’s it.
  • Shoot in low ISO – Just like in color photos you need to keep the noise out by using lowest possible ISO in the available light. This will add clarity to the photos.


Taking a self picture



When you are taking a photograph, you are invariably not a part of it. You will really miss the feeling of not being in the photo. Taking own photograph is a specific skill and much care is required. Being careful of a few things will help you take a better picture. Here are a few tips:

  • Focus from shoulder height – While you are taking an own photo, the best results can be had by placing the camera at a height of your shoulder. Take you body towards it and move out the right hand to take a good self picture.
  • Do not be all over – The secret of a good selfie(Self Picture) is not to occupy the whole frame, and also not being in center. A bit sideways and the picture will look great.
  • Add nature – While taking a self photo try to incorporate nature. A bit of sunlight, shade, beach or blue sky will add aesthetics to the own photo.
  • Rest you face on your shoulder – This gives the best view of the face. A bit of side view and a bit of front view. Perfect for a self photograph.
  • Adjust you body – While taking a self photo be conscious and keep your stomach in and eyes should be natural. Otherwise you will spoil the picture.
  • Avoid mid-day – In selfies the camera lens is very close , hence avoid the times of maximum exposure that is mid-day.
  • Body angles – Keeping an angle to your body will help take a perfect picture of self. It helps to capture the moments in a perfect manner.

5 Tips for Great Autumn Photography

Autumn is the season of change. All around you will see colours changing. The reds, blues, and different shades of brown. Even the Sun takes up a new colour. There is no better time for taking a photograph.You can never take a picture which is bad at this time. If you are out for a walk soaking in the nature, do remember to bring the camera along.

Autumn Morning
Great Autumn Morning Picture

If you take care only a bit you can come up with photographs which will make the Professional anxious. Here are a few easy tips for great pictures in this dream season.

  1. Take care of timing – In this season the same spot can have different hues at different times.So, if you are taking picture in the morning it will be completely different from noon. Even 30 minutes difference will change the picture altogether. So take care of the timing and rock.
  2. Add water – If you can add that sparkling water body to your photo it will sing a song. A pond, lake or a river really enhances the quality of the photo you have clicked.
  3. Bird eye view – A higher vantage point will help you take a wide photo. In Autumn the view from the Top is really awesome.
  4. Worm eye view – This I always try. Fallen leaves can be shot in a different manner by taking a closer view. Get yourself dirty and come up with great shots of nature.
  5. Shoot the Sun – This is the best thing you can do in this season. The sunrise and sunset are the best time shoot beautiful pictures.

So, just walk to your favourite spot and click. The picture will always be nice, and you will love the colours.


Focus and lighting

Thanks to smartphones and social networks, people take millions of photos and share it with millions others momentarily. But only a tiny number of those images are good photos. I am sure this number would be much greater, had only people begun avoiding two very obvious photography mistakes: blurry photos and too dark or too light photos.

Everyone loves selfies; there is no better and quicker way to boost your self-esteem. But don’t be too quick! Slow down a bit, or else you just might end up like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Lookin blurred

The couple looks fabulous, no doubt, even in such a crappy and blurred picture like this. For the simpler folk, it might be better to take things slowly and get a clearer image: be it your face, a beautiful scenery, or your friend’s cute cat. Take it easy, concentrate, and focus!

Another common cause of unclear photos is not paying attention to lighting. This is also a consequence of rushing to show the picture to the world, disregarding what the picture itself looks like. This results in either photos where the flash eats up the entire image or grainy, dark and indiscernible images. Again, just take your time and consider lighting. Remember to always use a flash when taking pictures at night or in the club, and when you do, keep an eye on your focus so that the picture has other visible elements, not just your flash.

Tips for beginner photographers

It does not matter if you want to be a photographer or if you just want to learn how to take better photos, there are some basic tips and tricks you can follow.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the right camera can only take you so far. If you are a beginner photographer or you do not want to invest that much money on a hobby or an interest, you don’t have to buy a fancy DSLR. You can get amazing photos with your phone camera, or a point-and-shoot as well. You just have to make sure that you learn the basics of photography.

Photography Tips for Beginners

If you want to take good photos, you should start observing the subject or the scene you wish to photograph. This will provide you with interesting angles to work on, and let you observe moments that would make great photographs. Of course, you could go over the camera settings and find out if you can tweak the exposure, the saturation, brightness, or the focus to make the photo better. Remember- editing can make a photo better, but a lot depends on the actual capture.

You have to keep practicing– after all, you will learn to take good photos only after you have taken a number of bad ones.

Instagram Tips for Amateur Photographers

Instagram has provided a lot of amateur photographers the ability to explore different facets of photography. Say what you want about the number of mundane photographs that do turn up on your Instagram feed, they are encouraging people into taking up photography and that’s good enough for me.

There are some basic trips that amateur photographers can use to make their Instagram pictures look much better than usual.

  • Work your angles: It does not matter if you are just taking a selfie, or a photo of a rather beautifully designed cup of coffee, getting a good angle on the photo is really important. It will transform the entire subject and make your photo stand out.

Work your angles

  • Make use of the borders. Instagram has a lot of borders that help perfectly frame the moment and give the moment a feel.

Perfect the Frames

  • Details. The details do matter. Did you notice a pattern you really like? Are you wearing funky earrings? Does the wall in that cafe have interesting photos? Why don’t you take a photo of that? Noticing the details and the smaller things are the first steps towards becoming a professional.

Pay attention to details

  • Lighting is important. This will take a while for you to perfect. You have to find the perfect blend of highlight and shadows in order for you to find the perfect angles on the subject of the photo.

Get the highlights and shadows right