Tips for forest photography

Forests are fascinating, and full of mystery and intrigue. Mists come swirling into them and then vanish quickly, and winds can cause them to sway gently or cause them to bend and twist, this way and that. Forest photography is exciting, and Capturing compelling forest photos won’t only be about the trees, but also about the birds, animals and small plants that call the forest home. For equipment, you’ll need a macro lens to capture all those tiny details of plant and insect life. Then again, a telephoto lens will be needed to zoom in on birds. It goes without saying that a flash with diffusion is imperative for dark areas. Excellent photography in the forest will require good light quality, and the best time to take photos in the forest is the early morning or evening. The dappled light in a forest can make taking photographs tricky, but with some tips for forest photography, abundantly available on the Internet, you’re going to get some extraordinary images in both good or bad weather conditions.

The Joy of Forest Photography