Amateur wedding photographer – Some tips for great photos

Amateur wedding photographer

Hiring professional photographers at a wedding is the norm. However amateur wedding photographer sometimes take better pictures, especially if they know the couple involved. Many people will say that it is a huge mistake, but I differ on this. If you want to become an amateur wedding photographer at your friend’s wedding follow some simple tricks.

(1) Discuss with the bride and groom what they want – This is the first step towards getting the photos which are required, discuss formal and informal shots, what they do and don’t want. Wedding photos are so important for the bride and groom; It is something to reflect their special day throughout their life. Make sure you shoot all the rituals and be on the look out for those something different informal shots.

(2) Work together – If there are other photographers, competing for the best shot might ruin your collection, the best way is co-operation and working together.

(3) Focus on the job – Do not get too inventive too soon. First take the shots which you have been asked to, and then become creative.

(4) Shoot in RAW format – The importance of shooting in RAW is that you can later edit the photo as you want.

(5) Get the format shots right – Work hard on getting the formal family shots perfect. Try clicking 10 each. You do not need to worry about camera films in this age of digital cameras. Doing your research, keeping your eyes open and listening to the needs of the bride and groom will ensure you have a lovely collection to share with them at the end of the day.