Tips for Black & White Photography

Black and White photograph

Photography in Black and White tone gives the classic look. The vintage look does the trick. The best part is facial blemishes disappear. In the world of digital photography taking a black and white photo has become a lost art. However it is coming back to fashion with its inclusion in fashion photography. A colour photograph is defining but a black and white is striking. Here are a few tips for beginners:

  • Shoot in color and Photoshop – This is the easiest way to turn your ordinary photo into a classic. Most digital cameras give the option of black and white, but if your camera doesn’t shoot color and convert on Photoshop. Ferratum UK has some awesome black and whiter photos on its website.
  • Shoot in cloudy weather – When it is not the right time for color photography, it is the best for black and white photography. The best hues of Black and white come in dark cloudy weather.
  • Use shapes and tones – Since there is no color to work with use shapes and tones to give a much-needed lift to the photo. You will learn more about shadow and highlight this way.
  • Use RAW feature in your digital camera – The most unused feature of your camera comes handy in shooting the Black and WHite photo. Just switch to RAW and click, that’s it.
  • Shoot in low ISO – Just like in color photos you need to keep the noise out by using lowest possible ISO in the available light. This will add clarity to the photos.



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