Taking a self picture



When you are taking a photograph, you are invariably not a part of it. You will really miss the feeling of not being in the photo. Taking own photograph is a specific skill and much care is required. Being careful of a few things will help you take a better picture. Here are a few tips:

  • Focus from shoulder height – While you are taking an own photo, the best results can be had by placing the camera at a height of your shoulder. Take you body towards it and move out the right hand to take a good self picture.
  • Do not be all over – The secret of a good selfie(Self Picture) is not to occupy the whole frame, and also not being in center. A bit sideways and the picture will look great.
  • Add nature – While taking a self photo try to incorporate nature. A bit of sunlight, shade, beach or blue sky will add aesthetics to the own photo.
  • Rest you face on your shoulder – This gives the best view of the face. A bit of side view and a bit of front view. Perfect for a self photograph.
  • Adjust you body – While taking a self photo be conscious and keep your stomach in and eyes should be natural. Otherwise you will spoil the picture.
  • Avoid mid-day – In selfies the camera lens is very close , hence avoid the times of maximum exposure that is mid-day.
  • Body angles – Keeping an angle to your body will help take a perfect picture of self. It helps to capture the moments in a perfect manner.

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