5 Tips for Great Autumn Photography

Autumn is the season of change. All around you will see colours changing. The reds, blues, and different shades of brown. Even the Sun takes up a new colour. There is no better time for taking a photograph.You can never take a picture which is bad at this time. If you are out for a walk soaking in the nature, do remember to bring the camera along.

Autumn Morning
Great Autumn Morning Picture

If you take care only a bit you can come up with photographs which will make the Professional anxious. Here are a few easy tips for great pictures in this dream season.

  1. Take care of timing – In this season the same spot can have different hues at different times.So, if you are taking picture in the morning it will be completely different from noon. Even 30 minutes difference will change the picture altogether. So take care of the timing and rock.
  2. Add water – If you can add that sparkling water body to your photo it will sing a song. A pond, lake or a river really enhances the quality of the photo you have clicked.
  3. Bird eye view – A higher vantage point will help you take a wide photo. In Autumn the view from the Top is really awesome.
  4. Worm eye view – This I always try. Fallen leaves can be shot in a different manner by taking a closer view. Get yourself dirty and come up with great shots of nature.
  5. Shoot the Sun – This is the best thing you can do in this season. The sunrise and sunset are the best time shoot beautiful pictures.

So, just walk to your favourite spot and click. The picture will always be nice, and you will love the colours.



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