Focus and lighting

Thanks to smartphones and social networks, people take millions of photos and share it with millions others momentarily. But only a tiny number of those images are good photos. I am sure this number would be much greater, had only people begun avoiding two very obvious photography mistakes: blurry photos and too dark or too light photos.

Everyone loves selfies; there is no better and quicker way to boost your self-esteem. But don’t be too quick! Slow down a bit, or else you just might end up like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Lookin blurred

The couple looks fabulous, no doubt, even in such a crappy and blurred picture like this. For the simpler folk, it might be better to take things slowly and get a clearer image: be it your face, a beautiful scenery, or your friend’s cute cat. Take it easy, concentrate, and focus!

Another common cause of unclear photos is not paying attention to lighting. This is also a consequence of rushing to show the picture to the world, disregarding what the picture itself looks like. This results in either photos where the flash eats up the entire image or grainy, dark and indiscernible images. Again, just take your time and consider lighting. Remember to always use a flash when taking pictures at night or in the club, and when you do, keep an eye on your focus so that the picture has other visible elements, not just your flash.