Instagram Tips for Amateur Photographers

Instagram has provided a lot of amateur photographers the ability to explore different facets of photography. Say what you want about the number of mundane photographs that do turn up on your Instagram feed, they are encouraging people into taking up photography and that’s good enough for me.

There are some basic trips that amateur photographers can use to make their Instagram pictures look much better than usual.

  • Work your angles: It does not matter if you are just taking a selfie, or a photo of a rather beautifully designed cup of coffee, getting a good angle on the photo is really important. It will transform the entire subject and make your photo stand out.

Work your angles

  • Make use of the borders. Instagram has a lot of borders that help perfectly frame the moment and give the moment a feel.

Perfect the Frames

  • Details. The details do matter. Did you notice a pattern you really like? Are you wearing funky earrings? Does the wall in that cafe have interesting photos? Why don’t you take a photo of that? Noticing the details and the smaller things are the first steps towards becoming a professional.

Pay attention to details

  • Lighting is important. This will take a while for you to perfect. You have to find the perfect blend of highlight and shadows in order for you to find the perfect angles on the subject of the photo.

Get the highlights and shadows right


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